When representing Landlords and Sellers, either in a single transaction or with a portfolio, KRG begins by understanding our clients’ goals. Then, we will develop a plan tailored to those specific needs. We aim to provide services that include insight into every facet of the leased space, from initial concept through tenant occupancy, close of the transaction, and beyond. Our agents and marketing team will create an individualized marketing strategy that properly positions the property to potential tenants or buyers. As a full service commercial real estate company, landlords can employ our property management services. KRG property managers keep commercial properties occupied by communicating with potential tenants, conducting property tours, and making suggestions for enhancing the property’s value, if needed. In the event that a property needs to be modified, remodeled, or updated, we will tap into our vast network to ensure the work is completed to our high standards. Our construction management team works with clients to build from pre-construction to final inspections.


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