National Church Residences (NCR)

National Church Residences (NCR)


KRG helped National Church Residences stay local while expanding its headquarters.  With KRG leading negotiations, National Church Residences secured a $650,000 grant for their headquarter expansion in the City of Upper Arlington.

Who is NCR?

National Church Residences is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3)  corporation and a leader in senior HUD housing. With headquarters in Upper Arlington, Ohio, NCR  is the nation’s largest not-for-profit developer and manager of affordable senior housing and services.  With 330+ communities in 28 states and Puerto Rico, including five Ohio-based senior health care communities, NCR also owns and operates five addition-al Ohio continuing care retirement communities.

The Challenge

NCR was growing and needed to expand or relocate their headquarters to accommodate their changing needs. Finding an ideal location and building that best served National Church Residences was KRG’s goal. Executive VP/Partner Paul Bloomfield led the KRG team. National Church Residences is headquartered in Upper Arlington (UA), Ohio and has had a long history in the community. They wanted to ensure that, if possible, this relationship was maintained. National Church Residences has been a vital part of the community in their efforts to help the senior community and by being the largest private employer in Upper Arlington. They operated their largest CCRC in Upper Arlington. KRG’s task was to find that place that fit the National Church Residences’ expanding needs and if possible, maintain their presence in UA.

The Result

KRG located a property that accommodated the growing operations of National Church Residences, and was able to secure through negotiations with the City of Upper Arlington a grant from the city of $650,000, the biggest ever from the City of Upper Arlington.  National Church Residences ensured their continued tenure in Upper Arlington. KRG gathered all the information necessary from NCR, the City of Upper of Arlington, and along with the knowledge of the current real estate market conditions presented them material providing the best evidence of support for their client.  The city administration and governing body agreed with KRG’s argument and provided the $650,000 grant that was requested.  The City of Upper Arlington will benefit as the 700 current employees will remain in UA. Recently NCR announced they were adding 200 jobs over the next decade resulting in $1.5 million in annual payroll withholdings to the city.  The National Church Residences assignment is yet another illustration of KRG’s commitment to providing the best possible service to its client.