Starting the year off right!

January 31, 2023

Arlington Pointe

Congratulations to Eric Morton. Not only did he work to fill the retail commercial space that was available, he filled the last available unit in this retail strip center.

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First Day of the Month Deal Closed

December 1, 2022

Mill St Restaurant

Starting the last day of the month off right! Let’s go Brent A Garland and the KRG team for sealing the deal on this retail restaurant!
Way to go!

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Another Leased Unit

September 30, 2022

5220 Trabue Rd Unit C

We’ve lost count of all the sold or leased commercial properties this month. We’re too busy getting deals done!

Like this BRAND NEW industrial building that is now 3/4 leased! Great job to Rob Gillie and the KRGRE team for the leasing of another unit.

Looking for an industrial commercial space don’t worry, there’s ONE unit left! Click HERE.

Upper Arlington Retail Unit Leased

September 27, 2022

4740 Reed Rd Ste 107 - Arlington Pointe

The Arlington Pointe shopping center is located at the signalized intersection of W. Henderson Rd. and Reed Rd. in the affluent Upper Arlington, Oh city. Most recently an inline space became available for lease. Great work to Eric and our KRG team for leasing this space!

Don’t fret – if you’re looking for space in this strip, visit our commercial availability page as another space is available now!

In Contract, Another QUICK Job Well Done

September 16, 2022

216 W Bigelow, Plain City, Oh

This HOT! HOT! HOT! property was listed on the market on Monday and in contract by Thursday! You NEED Rob and the KRG team to help you with your commercial property needs.

Impressive Quick SALE!

September 8, 2022

4223 Roberts Rd

What a way to make a SALE! Brent and the KRG team worked hard and fast to get this in contract and the deal done!

Prominent Grandview Office Fully Leased

September 14, 2022

First & Grandview

This amazing spot in Grandview Ave is now fully leased! Way to go Ray!

Building Fully Leased

August 25, 2022

610 Taylor Station Rd

Help us give Rob Gillie a big CONGRATS on sealing the deal and getting this commercial office building fully leased!

Brent Garland and KRG Team Close Deal

July 14, 2022

Shawnee Ave Property Sold

It’s dreary outside here in #Columbus but it’s HOT at #KRGRE! Getting deals done Brent A Garland and the rest of the KRG team.

Contact #KRGRE today and learn how our experience can help YOU get your commercial real estate space SOLD!

Ray DeGraw Leases Several Offices

July 11, 2022

First & Grandview Office Building

Help us shout out Ray DeGraw on leasing multiple units in this commercial real estate office building. Although there are still office space available the building is filling up fast. View available units HERE!