KRG has been the tenant rep for Piada since the founding of the company.  KRG has carefully picked the locations in Columbus to help build Piada’s brand, and in doing so has helped launched one of the hottest new concepts in the restaurant world.  Piada and KRG are now  in the process of taking the Piada expansion nationally with over 50 stores presently.

Who is Piada?

The first Piada restaurant opened in 2010 with a mission to create fresh, modern Italian food focused on the preparation of high quality ingredients and attention to simplistic cooking. Today’s consumers are looking for healthier, better quality food with convenient, fast delivery to accommodate their hectic lifestyles. Piada was created with the belief that you don’t have to sacrifice quality and flavor for speed and value.

The Challenge

Owner Chris Doody, was looking to launch his second successful restaurant business.  This time he was launching an innovative fast casual Italian cuisine restaurant.  He chose Kohr Royer Griffith to be his tenant representative, and help launch this innovative idea.  Knowing that the restaurant industry is one of the toughest to break into and maintain a strong operation, KRG new they had to be thorough in their research for the grand opening, as one bad location could be the end for this endeavor.  After months of research, analysis, they determined the ideal location. It worked out and over the next several months Chris Doody realized he may have one of the hottest new restaurant concepts, and he was correct as Piada won a national award for a hot new concept, and determined expansion as a feasible option. KRG again found multiple locations, some of which were occupied and Piada became one of the most popular choices for grabbing a meal.  With this success KRG must be able to perform their analysis in new markets as Piada begins to expand outside of Ohio.

The Results

A very successful partnership was formed.  Piada is the hottest talked about concept in the industry.  One can thank the idea of fast casual Italian to help spark Piada’s great success, but to maintain a strong hold in the restaurant industry, branding is incredibly important.  KRG helped them grow their brand, break into the industry, and expand nationally.  There are very few second chances in the restaurant industry so KRG had to select the perfect site for the opening of Piada.  It is safe to say they did that and more has Piada now has 50 stores currently, with plenty more in the future.